Hardware Platform

It has never been easier to monitor and control your business and devices. Either you need a software to use in cloud with others or your goal is to monitor the events and the performances, to set parameters and command your production machine, SunBox is the right tool for you.


SunDev is the joining link between your device and you. Industry 4.0 is easy to reach. From your pc, tablet, mobile phone, wherever you are, set and check the parameters of your device. Launch commands and view the production status real time. SunDev is the ultimate data logger, lean IT and Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


SunDayTec is the maintenance agenda for the after sale service management. Plan with success the preventative maintenance. Schedule and report the on site or remote service with a clear view of the available technicians, the types of maintenance and the duration of the service needed to reactivate the machines.


SunDay is the agenda for the medical world that allows you to manage a session from the call of the patient to the settlement of the bill. Wherever you are, from your pc, tablet, mobile phone, set, modify, move, repeat, print the appointments of your patients. View your and your colleagues's calendar to avoid overlapping.



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